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Review and outlook on the development of UAV real name registration

in December 2018 and January 2019, London Heathrow and Gatwick airports in the United Kingdom were closed due to UAV interference, and tens of thousands of passengers were stranded at the airport, causing serious social events. Looking back on April 2017, many civil airports in Southwest China were disrupted by drones, causing hundreds of flights to be canceled and delayed, posing a serious threat and impact on people's safe travel

the Civil Aviation Administration of China launched the real name registration of unmanned aerial vehicles in May 2017. After more than one year of operation, the real name registration of unmanned aerial vehicles has reached 28 90000 (as of early January 2019), providing basic data for understanding the current situation of UAVs in China, and providing a basic means for the standardized management of UAVs in China

compared with the registered number of UAVs, the registered number of civil aircraft in China is 7713 (January 1, 2019). It is a precision instrument, and the annual registered number in recent years is only more than 800. The UAV real name registration system applies new technologies such as Internet + and new user centered thinking, so that the number of registrations exceeds that of people's aircraft by several orders of magnitude. There are 1232 registered UAV manufacturers nationwide, with 3521 UAV models. This is a significant increase over the 644 manufacturers and 2606 models in February 2018. It reflects the rapid development of China's UAV industry, which is an important part of the future made in China

looking back on the real name registration of UAVs for more than a year, the real name registration system has given a relatively good answer. The reasons for its success are analyzed. The system has the following three characteristics:

1. Pay attention to protecting privacy and improving system security

from May 4, 2017, the Civil Aviation Administration decided to launch the real name registration system of UAVs. All departments should seize the time to develop and debug the real name registration system. The real name registration system was launched on May 18, It took only half a month to complete the system development. According to the problems in the operation of the system, the Civil Aviation Administration quickly improves the defects and deficiencies of the system and protects the privacy of users. Providing a safe environment for user registration is equivalent to giving users a reassurance

2. Pay attention to scientific and technological means to facilitate users to use

the real name registration system uses the number as the real name carrier. Users can apply by themselves, the system automatically reviews, and automatically obtain the registration mark after passing the review. The two-dimensional code registration mark is the core of the real name registration system management, which realizes the real-time query of UAV real name registration information with the insulation materials used in refrigerators

3. Develop system interface and realize data flow

in order to facilitate the registration of UAV users and improve the accuracy of UAV registration data, the Civil Aviation Administration has developed an interface with UAV manufacturers in cooperation with domestic UAV manufacturers. Through the interface, when completing the activation of UAV, UAV users only need to fill in a small amount of user personal information to synchronously complete the real name registration of UAV. The application of this interface reduces the number of UAV information filled in by users, improves the accuracy of data filled in, and also improves the satisfaction of users when registering. At present, domestic drone companies such as Dajiang have begun to use the interface, achieved satisfactory results, and gradually promoted it throughout the country

with the national promotion of UAV management, the UAV real name registration system will continue to be improved to meet the needs of users and relevant departments. At present, the main improvement directions are as follows

1. Further strengthen system support services

as real name registration is an Internet service system, UAV users encounter many problems in real name registration, and the civil aviation administration organizes personnel to support the UAV real name system. Provide consultation and other services for UAV users

2. Strengthen the data interconnection of the system

the Civil Aviation Administration has established a data interface between the UAV real name registration and the business license system to verify the UAV data filled in by users in the business license system in real time, so as to realize more data flow and fewer errands for users. In the future, it will continue to promote the interface with other systems to realize the flow and sharing of UAV real name registration data

3. Explore new ideas for manufacturer management

as the registered users and manufacturers of UAVs far exceed the scale of manned aircraft, we must find new ideas for UAV management. The real name registration system of UAV provides a successful case for UAV management. In the future, UAV management will take information system as a means to rely on UAV manufacturers to carry out UAV real name registration and airworthiness management

attached figure: UAV manufacturer's molding temperature according to the ground: 300 ⑶ 50 ℃ area distribution

(author: Zhao Jinyu is the deputy director of airworthiness inspection division of Airworthiness Certification Department of Civil Aviation Administration)

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