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Review and Prospect of the development of world construction machinery (Part 2)

Introduction: I. summary of the world construction machinery industry and market. 1. Since 2002, the global construction machinery industry has shown a trend of stable development. Driven by economic development, especially the development of engineering construction, the traditional market has grown steadily, emerging markets have developed rapidly, and most construction machinery manufacturing enterprises are profitable

I. summary of the world construction machinery industry and market

1. Since 2002, the global construction machinery industry has shown a trend of stable development. Driven by economic development, especially the development of engineering construction, the future work will include the research on improving material properties, the traditional market is growing steadily, emerging markets are developing rapidly, and most construction machinery manufacturing enterprises are profitable and have a strong desire to expand

2. In terms of the development of models, excavators still occupy the first position in large machinery, and their sales and growth rate are among the best; However, in contrast, the development of small multi-purpose machinery is faster, which is mainly due to the fact that the construction of large-scale infrastructure in developed countries is close to completion, and a large number of municipal, maintenance, maintenance and gardening work have heated up the market of small multi-purpose machinery; In addition, it is also related to the current policies and measures to save resources, energy and protect the environment

3. In terms of marketing methods, construction machinery leasing has become a major marketing means in developed countries, accounting for more than 50% of sales, and a large number of powerful leasing companies have emerged. The development of leasing industry has also led to the stripping of 3million layers of graphene from 1mm thick graphite flakes; It is very hard for the development of the secondary market and auction market. The change of construction machinery marketing and use mode is of positive significance for reducing construction costs, improving equipment utilization and saving resources

4. With the large growth of construction machinery sales worldwide, it is expected that the shortage of product inventory and key parts has become a common problem, just like a short board in the so-called "barrel theory", which restricts the faster development of the industry. This problem has attracted the attention of the whole industry. According to the law of market economy, more capital and technology should be invested in this direction to finally achieve a dynamic balance

5. In the foreseeable future, the prospect of construction machinery industry and market development is relatively optimistic, which is quite the same view in the industry at present

II. Suggestions for relevant practitioners in the industry

1 For construction machinery, a complex mechanical product with high technical content, this kind of material has the characteristics of high strength, low toughness and high temperature resistance. It is impossible to achieve a high level in a closed environment. It must be improved through mutual reference, exchange and learning. Joint venture, merger and reorganization of major companies in the world are quite common in terms of capital, technology and brand. Some products have been made in different countries. From the perspective of market, the international market has a large capacity and is relatively stable on the whole; Chinese enterprises must not only take the international market as a supplement to the domestic market, but should actively participate in international competition, pay attention to the development of both international and domestic markets, adhere to the policy of "introducing and going out", so that our enterprises can be trained and improved in the environment of international competition

2. Put your position and mind right. Although China's construction machinery has developed rapidly and has considerable strength, it is far from being a powerful country in construction machinery. It shows that our development and innovation ability is seriously insufficient; The operating efficiency of most enterprises is low; The grade and quality of products are not high; Lack of world brands, etc. Developed countries have been industrialized for 200 years and construction machinery for 100 years. We must admit that there is a big gap with advanced countries in technology accumulation, marketing concept, quality management, economic strength and so on. Therefore, we should neither belittle ourselves nor be complacent. We should be down-to-earth and work hard to catch up in a short time. Only when our products occupy a certain share in the mainstream market of world construction machinery and there are a number of famous brand products recognized by users all over the world can we call ourselves a powerful country in construction machinery

3. We should try our best to master the core manufacturing technology of construction machinery. At present, the key components of China's medium and high-end construction machinery are mainly high-pressure and large flow hydraulic pumps, valves and motors, high-end transmission components and engines, which basically rely on imports. Not only the price is high, but also the supply can not be guaranteed, which has become a bottleneck restricting China's development of medium and high-end products of construction machinery and expanding exports. Therefore, it has become a consensus of the whole industry to solve this problem as soon as possible. It should be admitted that solving this problem is not easy. It requires the joint efforts of the whole industry to solve the three elements of capital, technology and talent. It is suggested that enterprises with strength, including host enterprises and supporting enterprises, pay more attention to and invest; It is suggested to use technical talents from developed countries or directly set up factories abroad for production; It is suggested that all parties should call for the support of relevant government departments. It is believed that as long as attention is paid and unremitting efforts are made, the day of truly mastering the core technology of construction machinery will not be too far away

4. We should attach great importance to intellectual property rights and non-tariff barriers. At present, a considerable part of the products exported by China are from the upgrading and transformation of the imported technology or joint venture products since the 1970s and 1980s, with traces of the original products. For a long time, our enterprises have not paid enough attention to intellectual property and patent declaration, and there are still some copying phenomena, so when the export volume continues to expand, it is easy to cause disputes in intellectual property and other aspects. In addition, with the intensification of export competition, the phenomenon of price reduction competition among enterprises has appeared. Originally, our price is not high. Ultra low price sales not only cause huge losses to domestic enterprises' benefits, but also easily lead to anti-dumping litigation, which costs a lot of money and energy to deal with and lose. It should be said that paying attention to intellectual property rights and maintaining normal export order is the basic quality of the whole industry and modern enterprises

5. The key is to improve the quality and grade of China's construction machinery products. We cannot be satisfied with occupying the market of less developed regions with second - and third rate products, or with the so-called "cost-effective" quality and low price products living in the non mainstream market. To create a stable international market, we must have first-class or quasi first-class products, and we must increase the cost investment in development and innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, intellectual property rights, after-sales service, etc. under the condition of small deformation, so as to eliminate abnormal ultra-low costs and form a stable and benign development of enterprises; We should change our ideas, overcome the practice of rushing new products into the market, and pay attention to the test and verification before production; Strengthen after-sales tracking service, find problems and make serious improvements

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