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Review and Prospect of global paper market development

Asian market: from September 17 to October 1, the supply and demand sides are still negotiating whether the paper price will rise in the fourth quarter. Asian newspapers did not increase the page size of the newspaper because of the Asian Games held in South Korea. The CIF price of paper shipped to the Asian market in the third quarter was still $380-420 per ton in early July

paper exporters represented by Singapore's Pan Asia Paper Company and Japan's Prince paper company have previously announced that they will increase the selling price of paper by $50 per ton in the fourth quarter. The two companies proposed that the rise in raw material prices and the rise in advertising revenue of most Asian newspapers were the reasons for their decision, but whether the publishing house can accept the increase of $50 per ton is still unknown. Pan Asia Paper Co., Ltd. said that it would still negotiate with customers on this issue and hoped that the paper price in the fourth quarter would be higher than that in the third quarter

Indian traders are skeptical about whether the price of paper can rise in the Indian market. They believe that the number of advertisements published in Indian newspapers will not rise significantly in the traditional holidays in the fourth quarter

European market: Although the demand of European paper market increased slightly in the third quarter, the market is still plagued by the weakness of advertising business. Market analysts believe that the advertising industry was originally expected to prosper in the fourth quarter according to the usual practice. Now it may be postponed to 2004, when it is expected to increase by 3.6%

under such a situation, European paper producers will face the pressure of price reduction from customers. European paper producers have strong reactions to Morgan Stanley's prediction that the price of paper in the European market will fall by 25 euros per ton in 2003. If the company's prediction comes true, the paper price in the German market may fall by 5% in the first quarter of 2003, from 550-570 euros per ton to 525-545 euros per ton. The producers don't agree with this. They believe that the current price level of paper is low, and the price of recycled paper is likely to rise again at the end of the year. Therefore, the price of paper should rise instead of fall next year when the mold is closed

North American market: from September 18 to October 2, market analysts believed that the published paper data did not contribute to the rise of paper prices. There was no significant improvement in market demand and consumption of paper through the development of hp-rtm. The export volume of paper was low. The producer's plan to increase the price of paper by $50 per ton may be delayed until November

on September 24, the pulp and Paper Products Association released the paper data of the North American market in August. In August, the demand for paper in the United States increased by 3.8%, and the paper shipment volume from Canada to the United States market reached 466000 tons, an increase of 15.3% year-on-year

in August, the paper machine operation rate of American paper manufacturers was 79%, and the paper output was 413000 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 8.8%. Canadian paper producers' paper machine operation rate was 94% in August, and the output of paper was 727000 tons. The paper warehouse of North American paper mills fell again by 27.9% to 361000 tons in August

in August, BR8 North America's paper shipment volume to overseas markets increased by 3.3% to 202000 tons, and the total shipment volume from January to August this year decreased by 8.5% to 1.7 million tons year on year

the two-week trading price of North American paper published by Foex was $438.60 per ton from September 18 to 25, up $1.61 from the previous week; From September 25 to October 2, it was $443.90 per ton, up $5.30 from the previous week

the paper transaction price reported by the Foex has a wide range, which is US $per ton. The change of paper trading price in the past two weeks shows that the market is gradually digesting the rise of paper price. Fortunately, in September, the trading price of 30 lb paper in the U.S. market rose to $465 for the first time in 17 months, with a rise of $20 per ton. At the end of June this year, the manufacturer announced that the price of paper would increase by $50 per ton from August 1. If customers can accept the increase of $50 in full, 30 lb paper will increase by 11.2% to $495

In September, small and medium-sized newspapers representing 40% of the purchasing power of paper in the U.S. market accepted the rise in paper prices. Many large paper producers in North America said that they had been determined to raise the price since the date of announcing the price increase. Even if some orders would be lost in this practice, they would still strive to make the market fully accept the increase in August. Market analysts believe that the weakness of the advertising industry is still shaking the stability of the market, and the full increase in paper prices may be achieved in November. Market analysts in Canada believe that if paper prices can rise in full in November, producers may push for a second price increase before paper demand rises in the second quarter of next year, which is expected to take place in March next year. Of course, there will also be adverse situations. For example, due to the sluggish U.S. economy, the consumption of paper may decline in winter, so manufacturers can choose according to their own requirements, and can only adopt the method of discount

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