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Polyethylene prices in eastern Guangdong hit a new low

in recent days, polyethylene prices in eastern Guangdong hit a new low. The quotation in the market is particularly chaotic, and there is no clear benchmark price level. Dealers only determine the sales price according to their own purchase price, inventory and psychological affordability, and the price difference of the same variety can reach about 200 yuan

ldpe dealers reported that the price of 200gg and 606gg in Malaysia was 6300 yuan, the price of bf410 was 6350 yuan, and fb3000 was out of stock

lldpe prices also fell significantly this week. Some dealers reported that Exxon 11 It depends on the mechanism of the host. 002kw is 5300 yuan. At the end of last week, the dealers of 3305 in South Korea have quoted the price of 4980 yuan, and some dealers even quoted the lowest price of fv149m as 4950 yuan

hdpe blown film 8800 has the quotation of 6050 yuan for the rapid development of China's composite polyurethane adhesive. The price of wire drawing grade E309 has been adjusted back to 6150 yuan because it arrived last two weeks, E308 is 5580 yuan, and the quotation of injection molding grade 5218 is 5300 yuan

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