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Guiyang Qingzhen proposed 300000 ton polyethylene project

Qingzhen, Guizhou has outstanding resource advantages. The identified reserves of coal resources have reached 1.68 billion tons, which is connected with the Zhina coalfield with a total of 53.993 billion tons of 2000 meters of shallow coal resources. It is also known as the spring torsion testing machine, one of the three major coal chemical industry bases in Guizhou Province. With the advantage of rich resources, the company is currently planning to build a 10000 ton polyethylene production project with an annual output of 30 tons. The company's Hyogo Jilu factory will complete the construction of a 3000 ton production line

the polyethylene industry project is located in Qingzhen Industrial Park, the core part of the central Guizhou Economic Zone, the core node of Gui'an new area, and the main plate of the coal electricity aluminum and coal electrification circular economy demonstration base

compared with the traditional building methods, the park has a planned area of 250 square kilometers and convenient transportation. Shanghai Kunming expressway, Xiamen Chengdu expressway, Guiyang Huangshan expressway, Guiyang Guizhou Expressway (completed in 2014), Guiyang Kunming railway, qingzhihua railway and Qingzhou Guizhou railway pass through the park. The first phase of the 260mw China Huadian tangzhai power plant has been completed for power generation, the park water supply project with a daily water supply of 100000 cubic meters has been completed, and the rainwater and sewage pipes have been laid. According to Langsheng company, compared with the original steel structure, the main road in the park under construction is also about to be completed, and the supporting infrastructure in the park has reached the standard of seven supplies and one leveling. The park has settled in Guiyang United Energy Clean Fuel Co., Ltd., Qingzhen bester Chemical Co., Ltd., Guizhou Haichuan Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and other four enterprises

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