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Polylink helps rongchuang China improve its enterprise unified communication and collaboration experience

according to statistics, each enterprise employee needs an average of 2.9 devices for office. Yes, you not only use personal computers, but also use iPads and iPhones to send emails, make voice calls with customers through landlines or mobile terminals, communicate with colleagues with instant messaging software, and also need video conferences or web conferences for multi person conversations

in today's enterprise environment, more and more enterprises begin to use IP-PBX, soft switch, MCU and other product technologies to build internal IP communication systems. The communication methods covered by UC unified communication include text session, IP, video and real, SMS, file transmission, web conferencing, document/application sharing, electronic whiteboard, email, etc

at the same time, it provides various integration interfaces and functions, greatly reduces the communication cost of enterprises, enhances the internal and external communication ability of enterprises, improves the communication channels between enterprises and customers, creates a new enterprise communication culture, and improves the productivity of enterprises

polylink, a leading domestic provider of integrated communication solutions, recently announced that rongchuang China, a leader in high-end boutique life innovation, has chosen polylink UC unified communication system solution, which will create customized enterprise unified communication and experience for rongchuang China and support its high-speed business growth

background introduction

rongchuang China is an enterprise listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange specializing in the comprehensive development of residential and commercial real estate. The company adheres to the regional focus and high-end boutique development strategy. As far as Zhenzhen and Zhiyuan are concerned, we focus on building high-end boutique properties for our customers and are determined to become a leader in the real estate industry in the unremitting pursuit of high-end quality. This year, rongchuang China won the 2017 China Annual influential real estate enterprise award

no matter which industry the company is in, when it develops to a certain scale, it is bound to face the problems of complex communication and collaboration, as well as the reduction of the overall communication efficiency and the average efficiency of enterprise employees. Rongchuang China is well aware of the way to prepare for a rainy day. For some developing enterprises, it is very important to improve the efficiency of rubber materials by taking advantage of UC unified communication

polylink how to help rongchuang China realize personalized unified communication (UC)

IP-PBX systems between branches form groups to realize IP extension direct dialing

the headquarters system is integrated with Polycom video conference system to realize the IP extension call of each branch

video conference participation, realizing the function of PSTN incoming video conference participation

the headquarters IPPBX system provides the collaborative meeting function of large capacity and multi conference rooms

provide conference management interface to realize the unified management of collaborative meetings by customers on the OA system

realize the integration with OA system, and realize the function of clicking and calling from OA system

realize the function of call center system

rongchuang China UC unified communication system scheme group diagram:

polylink UC unified communication system has cross domain group, data collaboration, conference, audio and video conference integration, call center and other functional applications, and provides interfaces to integrate various communication resources. It builds a new and unified communication platform for enterprise system collaborative office management. Provide customers with personalized and timely communication system, and use polylink UC unified communication platform to straighten out business processes and achieve unprecedented levels of collaboration, customer response speed, mobility and data security

what are the advantages of polylink UC unified communication solution

through integration, the problem of the popularization of idle unified communication (UC) is solved

audio and video conference: using any device can achieve high-quality audio and video conference, making it easy for internal and external contacts to participate in the conference

save communication costs: provide voice calls based on IP, support the mutual dialing of short numbers between branches of enterprises, and save a lot of communication costs of enterprises without going through the network of operators

convenient maintenance of employee information: provide enterprise communication conclusion (1) through the modification of the recording function of software and hardware, employee information can be updated in real time and quickly, and the communication mode of any employee within the enterprise can be queried at any time on the client interface, which is efficient and convenient, without it support

unified communication mode: it provides a unified instant messaging tool, which allows employees to communicate instantly, and prevents employees from using free chat tools to chat privately with foreign friends during working hours

information security: instant messaging and e-mail tools are unified. Employees cannot send documents or e-mails outside, and the internal security of the enterprise is guaranteed

one click login: it can realize multiple functions such as voice call, instant message, email, meeting, etc. on one interface, without frequent login to multiple systems, and frequently remember multiple accounts and passwords

we seek polylink's professional technical team to provide us with UC unified communication solution through position pulse signal hardware filtering, and provide all services through unified IP network, so that rongchuang Chinese customers will enjoy high-quality customer experience. We look forward to continued cooperation and win-win results. In the future, the company will continue to improve its core competitiveness, continue to expand its brand influence, pursue the common development of enterprises and customers, and provide customers with more comfortable and high-quality products and services

-by rongchuang China

as a leading provider of integrated communication solutions in China, polylink UC unified communication is not only a voice and video solution, but also a strategic investment. It integrates voice, data, video, security and mobile features, and can work together with the existing tools and processes of enterprises, thereby improving the flexibility and competitiveness of enterprises and helping enterprises achieve better interconnection, Realize the profit margin. 4. Adopt the double control mode of computer control and manual control to improve

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