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Polyethylene market trend

last week, the polyethylene market situation in China plastic city improved slightly, the decline slowed down, the decline narrowed, and some varieties stopped falling and stabilized

low density polyethylene (LDPE): after several weeks of continuous price decline, the market decline slowed down and narrowed this week. The current quotation of q281, q220, N220 and N150 produced in Shanghai is yuan/ton, and that of 1i50a produced in Yanshan is 8300 yuan/ton, both down 100 yuan/ton from last week. Other varieties remain at the price of last week

due to weak market demand, merchants' expectations for the future market of this variety are not very ideal. Most dealers and downstream product processing enterprises are quite cautious in taking goods, and the wait-and-see mood is strong. Therefore, the market turnover is small. China Zhongwang released its 2016 first quarter financial report, and the market may not be optimistic in the short term, but there is little room for price decline

linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE): the price is stable, the market trading momentum is warming, the inventory pressure is relatively small, and the overall market performance is better than other varieties

high density polyethylene (HDPE): on the whole, it is in a consolidation situation, and the prices of some brands have slightly declined. What precautions should be paid to when using plastic tensile testing machines? The range is about 100 yuan/ton, and the market quotation of most brands is between 7300 yuan and 7700 yuan/system is more stable ton. The overall market situation is basically stable, and the aftermarket trend is gradually favored by merchants

the future trend of polyethylene market is not very clear at present. Although the international crude oil price, which has a direct impact on polyethylene, may be due to the effective measures taken by OPEC to reduce production, which has rebounded slightly this week, the author believes that this may be only a short-term market behavior, because the second quarter is the demand season for crude oil, and OPEC's production limitation and price protection have been widely concerned by the industry. It is difficult to determine whether the oil price can continue to remain at a high level. In addition, the lack of effective demand, low-priced imported materials and high inventory of petrochemical manufacturers will inevitably cause fluctuations in the PE market, which may cause further decline in the market. However, favorable factors such as the traditional peak demand season and the arrival of maintenance peak of manufacturers will make a difference in the future market

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