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Heilongjiang Daqing polyimide film production line reconstruction project

polyimide film production line reconstruction project

I. brief introduction of the project unit: Mudanjiang insulation material factory is one of the major domestic manufacturers of high-tech insulation, and it is also the designated manufacturer of insulation materials for traction motors of tensile testing machines, which must be applied by the Ministry of Railways for electric power and diesel locomotives. 4) the analytical value of finite element method is in good agreement with the measured value. The products are mainly used in coal, aviation, aerospace and other cutting-edge high-tech fields

II. Project construction content and scale: in order to meet the market demand, it is proposed to change the aluminum foil gluing method to tape casting method, and 6050 polyimide film is changed to 6051 polyimide film, with an annual production capacity of 25 tons

III. investment scale: the total investment is 2.6 million yuan, including fixed assets of 2 million yuan until the sample is damaged, and working capital of 600000 yuan

IV. market analysis: according to the requirements of class F and H insulation materials in the 2000 Electrotechnical outlook of the Chinese Electrotechnical Society, the goal of this process is to have a broad market prospect in the supporting of class F and H insulation materials, which are widely used in large capacity and high voltage motors

v. economic benefit analysis: the annual sales revenue is 8.4 million yuan, the profit is 500000 yuan, and the tax is 450000 yuan

VI. cooperation mode: joint venture and cooperation

contact unit: Mudanjiang insulation material factory

contact person: Zhang Sixiang


(source: local business window of Yangming District, Mudanjiang City)

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