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The polyethylene market in Guangdong has taken a turn

the plastic market in Shunde, Guangdong, which has been declining in the early stage, has finally taken a turn in recent days. The downward trend has been controlled, and the overall market situation has improved. At present, most plastics are recovering steadily, both in terms of price and demand. Among them, polyethylene has changed significantly, which has not only reversed the situation of continuous decline in prices and sluggish demand in the early stage. Except for the relatively stable prices of some plastics, most prices have generally increased by yuan/ton. So far, the overall market is still on the rise. Strengthen basic research and technology accumulation

high pressure polyethylene (LDPE) such as: Cement press, red brick press, wire bending and decaying machine, electric porcelain bending and twisting machine, horizontal pulling machine, etc.: since the recent price recovery, the trading has also increased, and the market atmosphere is particularly active. The original small inventory has led to a shortage in the hands of dealers, showing a state of supply exceeding demand. Maoming rose by 200 yuan/ton and is currently at the price of 6500 yuan/ton. The US 582r is now 6500 yuan/ton, up slightly by about 50 yuan/ton. Japan's j5019 currently has a level of 7600 yuan/ton, an increase of 100 yuan, even in the rapidly developing Chinese Internet industry/ton. Japan's b01n is now about 7950 yuan/ton, with varying ranges of adjustment. It can be seen that high-pressure polyethylene has changed the previous downward trend

low pressure polyethylene (HDPE): Although the decline has stopped, the current rebound is relatively small, the demand is still active, and the market is also better than the previous period. The overall situation is stable, with a small increase. Formosa 9001 is still slightly adjusted at the price of 6300 yuan/ton. Beijing 5000S is 6500 yuan/ton, with a large amplitude adjustment, up about 150 yuan/ton. Saudi Arabia 001 increased by 50 yuan/ton, and now the level of 6350 yuan/ton is increased. 9810 in South Korea is 6450 yuan/ton, although the price changes little. But the overall situation has stabilized

linear polyethylene (LLDPE): the market demand is very good and the atmosphere is good, but the price rise is not large. Traders are also satisfied with its current situation and intend to be optimistic about its future market. Singapore 1002 moved slightly at the price of 6150 yuan/ton. Saudi 218w increased by 50 yuan/ton to 6200 yuan/ton at present. Guangzhou 7042 has now risen to 6000 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan/ton. Kuwait 7050 is now 6200 yuan/ton, with a slight rise of 50 yuan/ton. At present, the general price is still stable

the above market shows that polyethylene has improved its ability to satisfy customers in all aspects of service and even the company. After basically getting rid of the situation of falling prices and sluggish demand in the early stage, the overall market is adjusting steadily. At present, there is not much inventory in the plastic city. Although the market has taken a turn for the better, the merchants said that they are still considering whether to replenish a large amount of inventory. Recently, with the sharp rise in oil prices, manufacturers' ex factory prices have increased. They are not sure whether polyethylene is optimistic in the future. Dealers stand on the sidelines and dare not easily forget. It is expected that in the short term, if there is no special situation in the polyethylene market, it may stabilize and increase slightly

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