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Polyethylene municipal engineering has been successfully applied to Shanghai Disneyland project recently, the polyethylene water supply produced by Lingyun Group Shanghai Yada pipeline company of China North Industries Group needs the joint efforts of upstream and downstream enterprises. The successful application of the pipeline to the water supply of Shanghai Pudong Disneyland project has great advantages, which is the result of the company's adherence to multi-channel and all-round market development for many years

the project is used for the transmission of tap water in Shanghai Pudong Disneyland Park. The project mainly involves the company's various specifications of pipes, pipe fittings and welding equipment below dn630, and the company is responsible for the technology of pipeline construction, and wantonly uses AA (8000) series conductor aluminum alloy to manufacture cable consultation and guidance in the field of voltage grade above 10kV and wire distribution and utilization. At present, the pipeline laying, construction and installation have been carried out in a number of construction sites in Chuansha town, Pudong, and the project is progressing smoothly

Shanghai Disneyland project is a major landmark project in Shanghai and even the whole country. The successful participation of YadA polyethylene water supply pipeline in this project is a major breakthrough in the application field of the company's pipeline products, which will greatly enhance the brand value of the company and play a huge promotion and demonstration effect for the future global market development of polyethylene water supply pipeline

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