The hottest polyhedron mini bag is fashionable and

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Polyhedral Mini bags are fashionable and delicious in the palm of your hand

rainbow fruit juice candy produced by Aifen food (Beijing) is made of triangular plastic soft bags, which are colorful and eye-catching. In the purchase process, although targeted at brand food, the price of mini bags is not high, thus expanding the consumer base of the product. The xinqia elastic chocolate produced by Jinan Shijin is preferred by Shanghai Shenfeng buy pull machine. It is mainly in red and golden colors. The independent small package of triangle bag is wrapped by inflatable translucent, reflecting a dynamic luster. It has novel taste and is convenient to eat. Generally, the ordinary rectangular foreign products of this kind of packaging also have many missing shape bags. During the production process, the unit foods are separated by a certain distance, and the inner side of the two layers of SP film around the food is heat sealed on the strip packaging machine, and the tooth marks are pressed between the foods to form the unit packaging form. Each unit forms a small package in rows. This kind of packaging works continuously on the packaging machine, which is especially suitable for automatic packaging in large quantities. When eating, tear the SP film along the tooth mark. In this way, a small package of food should be used after the extension meter is clamped on the sample, which will not affect the reuse of other food packages. According to the company's technicians, the production of triangle Brown packaging is slightly different. First set it on the computer with a fixed size, and rotate each opening of the machine. The materials used are pet and CPP or pet and aluminized CPD, and SP film is also OK. When the moisture proof performance is required to be very high, Kop can be used, that is, a layer of film can be coated on the plastic, but the cost of this material is high. According to the company's technicians, all inks and solvents used by Shenfeng are food grade. For chocolate, benzene containing solvents will penetrate into chocolate, causing food obscuration and poisoning to human body. Therefore, benzene free solvents are strictly used. In addition, in the process of outer packaging, the gas filling in the bag can be completed together on the production line without additional treatment

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