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Automatic control system of multicolor gravure film printing machine

a new industrial control product developed by Bestone, which is suitable for multicolor continuous printing of film materials, such as cellophane, pet, aluminum foil, etc. The control can realize the high-precision synchronization of each motor in the high-speed transmission experiment, and fully realize the monitoring and automation of alarm, paper cutting and refueling. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple operation, fast printing speed and high overprint accuracy. Rigorous design and installation ensure the high reliability and stability of the equipment


l industrial microcomputer is used to collect and control the whole machine, and then the electromechanical control card generates the operation of corresponding pulse frequency and pulse frequency change rate according to the instructions, which can realize complex and flexible control ability, greatly improve the running speed of the whole machine, while maintaining precise synchronization. The operation of petrochemical industry should be optimized and upgraded, and the number of traditional industries can be adjusted freely, The test data in operation can be saved for analysis and test. The speed is 0 (2) 5 times/minute (settable), and the tacit speed is 20 times/minute

l realize automatic alarm, high-speed drive cutting and refueling without shutdown, which greatly improves the quality and output of products

l it is controlled by industrial LCD touch screen, which makes the whole machine beautiful and easy to control

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