The hottest polyethylene degradation film was succ

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Polyethylene degradation film successfully developed

polyethylene composite degradation film was recently developed by the Naval Engineering University of the people's Liberation Army of China

this achievement adopts a compatibilizer with synergistic effect, which improves the compatibility between precipitated powder and polyethylene. The main use and scope of application of LLDPE and experimental machine: LDPE combined system improves the mechanical properties of the film. The Compatibilization and plasticization of precipitated powder and the granulation of biodegradable masterbatch were completed by one-step method to create a better and clean world, and the appropriate production process of bio photodegradable mulching film was formulated. The inorganic filler was activated with modifier, and the suitable inorganic filler filler mother was developed, and the granulation and film blowing process of stretching the material at the rate of VL were developed, and the polyethylene composite degradation film with high inorganic filler was obtained

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