The three-year pattern of the hottest steel indust

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The three-year pattern of the iron and steel industry: production reduction, intelligence and going global

the three-year pattern of the iron and steel industry: production reduction, intelligence and going global

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at the "2015 iron and steel Planning Forum" held recently, luotiejun, deputy director of the raw materials Industry Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the action plan for the transformation and development of the iron and steel industry () is expected to be released before June. In the next three years, the iron and steel industry will mainly do a good job in reducing production capacity Intelligent manufacturing and "one road and one belt"

reduce production capacity with environmental protection and energy conservation

it was revealed that the "action plan" proposed to strictly control new production capacity and optimize industrial layout. After three years of efforts to reduce 80million tons of steel production capacity, and achieved results in mergers and acquisitions, the number of enterprises is controlled at about 300, and has a number of international brands

capacity compression is the general direction. Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei are the areas where the high-end utilization technology research and industrialization of multi-component material co injection (extrusion) process of Henan high-tech industrialization project undertaken by Henan Shuguang Jianshi medical device group Co., Ltd. have passed the final acceptance. Specifically, Hebei Province reduced 60million tons, including 40million tons in Tangshan and 10million tons in Wu'an and Handan respectively. It is reported that Tangshan will introduce a pilot plan for steel reduction, including policies such as road transportation to railway transportation, which are under consideration

since the 2008 financial crisis, there have been few questions about excess steel production capacity. In 2013, China's iron and steel output reached 820million tons, and the benefit also fell to the lowest point in 13 years. Some people describe it as making money from selling a ton of steel to earn a bottle of mineral water

strengthen environmental protection law enforcement and eliminate backward production capacity. Xinrenzhou, deputy director of the industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, disclosed at the meeting that it is very difficult for Hebei to eliminate and close down due to mutual guarantees, employment and other reasons. However, according to the new environmental protection law, environmental protection and energy consumption indicators must be observed. At present, it is coordinating with the environmental protection department, but the environmental emission of the steel industry must meet the standard

take the road of intelligent manufacturing

last Wednesday, the State Council discussed and adopted "made in China 2025". Luotiejun said that "made in China 2025" must go in the steel field. In the next three years, the level of integration of "two modernizations" of iron and steel (deep integration of informatization and industrialization) will be significantly improved, and two to three intelligent demonstration plants will be formed

it is reported that the intelligent path of the iron and steel industry includes: to improve the standard system for the integration of "two modernizations"; Popularize the application of intelligent system and intelligent automatic control of process; Develop e-commerce, etc

in 2010, China has become the world's largest manufacturing country, with manufacturing output accounting for 1/5 of the world. Last year, the output of crude steel, automobile, cement, power generation equipment, chemical fiber, computer and color TV set accounted for more than half of the total output

China's iron and steel industry has a good intelligent foundation, and the production processes of large iron and steel enterprises such as continuous casting and rolling are widely used. In addition, the e-commerce of iron and steel is at the forefront of the comparison of e-commerce of bulk commodities, which aims to assess the understanding and technical ability of the third-party measurement and calibration institutions in society on the tensile force, pressure and universal testing machine

seizing the opportunity of uneven installation of main engines in the "the Belt and Road" initiative

the "the Belt and Road" initiative is also a key strategy for the iron and steel industry in the future

lixinchuang, President of metallurgical industry planning and Research Institute, believes that the "the Belt and Road" strategy has brought new historical opportunities for iron and steel to go global

the "the Belt and Road" has a large investment in infrastructure construction, and the manufacturing of energy, high-speed rail, nuclear power and other equipment will bring a lot of steel demand. However, the cost and scale of steel production in the major countries along the "the Belt and Road" are lagging behind China. Among the countries along the "belt and road", the net steel Importers account for more than 70%. Therefore, most of the infrastructure investment along the "the Belt and Road" is invested by China, and domestic steel will undoubtedly be the first choice

lixinchuang believes that with the steady progress of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, it will drive the demand for building materials of about 18million tons in the six surrounding countries bordering Xinjiang

in addition, some countries along the "the Belt and Road" are rich in iron ore resources. The "the Belt and Road" will make a breakthrough in transportation infrastructure, which will bring opportunities for the development of iron ore resources in these countries

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