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The three plastic machines Rmn -- the ring compression strength test value of corrugated core paper (n/0.152m) is promising in the future market.

plastic machinery is an important pillar for the development of the plastic industry. It provides advanced technical equipment for the plastic industry. Its development is the basis for the development of the plastic industry. New concepts such as home integration and smart home will be further developed in the next 10 years; 1. The integrated decoration, online and offline o2o mode will guide the development of the trend; Big data, industry 4.0, etc. are likely to promote the rapid development of society and market, and are also affected by the development of the plastic industry. From a worldwide perspective, the three major categories of plastic machinery are injection molding machines, extruders/extrusion production lines and blow molding machines, which account for more than 80% of the total output value of plastic machinery, of which injection molding machines account for more than half of the total of these three types of machinery. Industry insiders believe that the market prospect of these three types of plastic machinery is promising

injection molding machines

due to the rapid development of injection molding machines in the past few years, except for large machines, the supply of injection molding machines of general specifications has exceeded the demand, and it is good that the sales volume can be maintained at about 1/3 of the peak period. However, the market demand for some high-tech injection molding machines has gradually strengthened. First, all electric and all hydraulic precision injection molding machines. The main markets of these products are electronic communications, audio-visual products, home appliances, automobiles, etc., which have high requirements for processing conditions and higher requirements for the precision of injection molding machines. These industries are sunrise industries and have great room for growth. Second, hollow injection molding machines have developed rapidly. This is because the stress failure of plastic parts under vibration is a big problem in the full plasticization of automobiles and other engineering applications. The combination of a variety of rubber and plastic materials and hollow injection molding technology can effectively improve the above defects. The third is a new type of injection molding machine with air assisted and water assisted devices. This kind of technology has a large recent market, especially for products with high appearance requirements and long service life, such as home appliances, automobiles, buildings, etc


due to the continuous expansion of the application market and technological breakthroughs, the extruder market can still maintain a slight upward trend on the whole. However, the sharp decline in the market price of domestic extruders is unavoidable. Rough manufacturing and price war have affected the overall image and market competitiveness of domestic plastic machines, and also hindered the development of plastic processing industry. In the last two years, Kraus Maffei, a German company alone, has concluded a deal with China to deliver more than 100 profile production lines. Most of the enterprises with strength in plastic doors and windows and pipe processing industry are looking for imported equipment. The regulations are formulated for the first time, which can not be said to be a failure of domestic manufacturers

in the future, the market of extruder host and production line will develop in the direction of increasing the technical content and reducing the price. At present, domestic main engines are mainly conical twin-screw extruders and single screw extruders, with mature technology and the largest market sales. However, the general specifications of these products have exceeded the demand, and can only maintain about 50% - 60% of the market peak period. In the future, the main engine will focus on the development of parallel counter rotating twin-screw extruder, which is suitable for large amount of extrusion. The parallel co rotating twin screw extruder should be developed to the sixth and seventh generation with high speed and large aspect ratio. The development direction of single screw extruder is large diameter, large aspect ratio and smooth exhaust. In fact, the single screw extruder is a low-energy and low-cost model. As long as the technology is appropriate, it can basically achieve the efficiency of twin-screw extrusion. For example, most of the plastic extruders used in the United States are single screw extruders, which replace the twin-screw extruders due to their high technical content

blow molding machine

blow molding equipment has low price (about 1/3-1/2 of injection molding), low energy consumption (in injection molding, the pressure in the mold cavity is 15-140mpa, while the inflation pressure of the parison during blow molding is generally less than 1MPa), and strong adaptability (it can form parts with complex structure and double walls). It makes up for the shortcomings of injection molding processing. The industrial parts formed have high integrity, good comprehensive performance and high added value, Low cost. Therefore, although the proportion of blow molding machinery in the three major plastic machines is the lowest at present, it will maintain a strong momentum of development in the future. It is the model with the fastest development and the most development potential

in the long-term planning of China's plastic industry, the average annual growth rate of plastic products from 2000 to 2005 is about 10%, and the average annual growth rate from 2006 to 2015 will reach 8%. That is, by 2005, the output of plastic products will reach 25million tons. It is expected that the total output of plastic products will double to 50million tons in 2015

the good development prospect of the plastic processing industry will still be the source power for the rapid development of China's plastic machinery manufacturing industry. It is estimated that the average annual growth rate of China's demand for plastic machinery from 2001 to 2010 will be about 6%, and it is estimated that it will be 14.5 billion yuan by 2010

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statement: 2013 sales reached 300million euros

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