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Lanyu Technology launched a new high-performance embedded module SOM

Shenzhen shenlanyu Technology Co., Ltd. but the quality is not equal to the brand. The company recently launched an embedded control module som-2498 with high cost performance, size and compactness. This product combines Lanyu's consistent technical advantages and product characteristics, and is widely applicable to textile, equipment control, medical treatment, security, home intelligence, communication, power, instrumentation and other industries

som-2498 onboard high-performance 16 bit processor, which is internally 32-bit RISC architecture and compatible with 80c186 processor, has extremely high performance, with a main frequency of 100MHz, built-in 100M Ethernet, and supports 1MB SDRAM. Its instructions are compatible with other x86 microprocessors. The functions on the board include 10/100m high-speed Ethernet interface, support display interfaces such as analog screen, TFT, LVDS and VGA, four serial ports, USB interface, RTC real-time clock, Doc interface, nonvolatile memory, floppy drive, parallel port, watchdog, buzzer interface, and 8-bit compact, which were added 22.35.1 ⑴ ISA bus in January compared with the previous year. The system BIOS, 1.44M flash disk (FFD) and 16 dot matrix secondary Chinese character library are integrated on a single flash memory chip. The loading of the smallest size module is realized with the least number of chips. When the experimental force is great, assuming that the experimental machine itself cannot support being bent, the function with the most accurate consequences cannot be tested. If more other functions are needed, relevant functional modules can be expanded by simplifying ISA bus

som-2498 product features: high performance CPU, independently developed graphics card controller, complete GUI software, personalized BIOS, perfect data storage solutions, on-board nonvolatile memory, high-performance Ethernet, high-strength encryption algorithm, complete development environment, easy to expand hardware structure, rich software resources For details, please pay attention to the station's product and service channel

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