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Lanzhou jinyinhuan plastic products Co., Ltd. was listed in Shanghai equity exchange center recently, Lanzhou jinyinhuan plastic products Co., Ltd. was listed in Shanghai equity custody transaction, which requires the supporting heart of chemical materials and technology. The company is referred to as "jinyinhuan" in the Stock Exchange Center (code 203527). The successful listing of jinyinhuan is a key step for the company to strengthen enterprise construction and connect with the capital market

Lanzhou jinyinhuan plastic products Co., Ltd. is the first largest material mainly for aluminum or aircraft. It mainly produces plastic film, plastic modified raw materials, modified atmosphere fresh-keeping bags and permeable plastic film. It integrates design, research and development and production of agricultural film. It has an annual production capacity of 20000 tons of agricultural film and 5000 tons of modified materials. The sales volume of cold and heat shock testing machines in China has met the expansion of various industries to 100million yuan in terms of number and quality. The main products of the enterprise include various special films tailored for crops; Various degradable agricultural films and packaging products; Modified materials of various recycled raw materials

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