The hottest Lanzhou enriches rural cultural life.

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Lanzhou enriches rural cultural life. People roar at Shaanxi opera and learn paper cutting. Winter leisure "no cat winter"

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65 year old Miao Jingfeng came to Agan Town, Qilihe district, Lanzhou with his Beijing Hu on January 14 for an outdoor performance. In the cold winter, Miao Jingfeng adjusted his musical instruments many times before going on the stage in order to achieve the best performance effect

affected by temperature and other factors, Miao Jingfeng's Jinghu solo is almost carried out indoors. This time, he was invited to participate in the outdoor performance. Miao Jingfeng admitted that from the initial refusal to seeing the enthusiasm of the people on the scene, he hoped to be in the best condition to send blessings to the local people on the arrival of the Spring Festival

on the same day, in the smelting process using waste as raw material, induction furnaces are generally not used for smelting equipment, and Agan Town, Qilihe district, Lanzhou city carried out three rural activities of culture, science and technology, and health. Cha Yongguo, member of the Standing Committee of the Qilihe district Party committee and Minister of the publicity department, said that on the basis of organizing and mobilizing all forces, the three rural activities sent theories, policies, literature and art, and blessings to the public opinion community in Agan town and the surrounding people, so that knowledge such as culture, technology, health sensors and so on "flew into the homes of ordinary people", constantly enriched rural cultural life, and enhanced the endogenous driving force of farmers to become rich

the dance directed and performed by the public kicked off the artistic performance, and the audience who came early to occupy a good position burst into applause. With the opening of a Shaanxi opera, the audience hummed in the sound of gongs and drums while applauding, commenting on the singing, chanting and playing of the actors on the stage. Li Fushan, deputy director of the Qilihe district bureau of culture, tourism and sports, said that in order to better stimulate people's interest, they chose more grounded programs such as Shaanxi opera, flowers and square dance, which are deeply loved by local people, and really achieved the goal of sending literature and art to the countryside

Bao Yuxuan, a primary school student in Agan Town, stopped in front of the booth where she taught paper cutting skills. Under the on-site guidance of the teacher, she completely cut out her own paper cutting works. She loves paper cutting. She learned simple paper cutting skills in school. She hopes to open more such activities at home to enrich her holiday life

Zhu Yiying, the inheritor of Lanzhou intangible cultural heritage, patiently guided the surrounding "students" and explained the most basic contents and patterns of paper cutting skills to them. She has participated in the "three trips to the countryside" activities for many times. From the initial ignorance to the expectation of her arrival now, the enthusiasm of the people has prompted Zhu Yiying to constantly innovate her teaching methods, and use the printed patterns to let more people who have never been in contact with paper cutting understand the charm of this art and inherit this technology

knowing that the community will carry out the activity of going to the countryside for three times, Liu Caiping took her son who had been at home since the beginning of winter to experience it. Worried that the weather is too cold and easy to get sick, Liu Caiping can only interrupt her four-year-old son's weekly amateur activities in the urban area. The robot display brought by the science and Technology Bureau excited her son. She hopes that more can be used to produce good surfaces to carry out such activities, so that everyone can experience rich amateur cultural life at home

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