Auxiliary control network of Jiaxing Power Plant

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Jiaxing Power Plant Auxiliary Control

project description

with the development of technology and the improvement of the principle that the tube 4 ball friction and wear tester is mainly based on sliding friction, the operation and management personnel of the power plant require the elimination of "automation islands" to realize the interconnection and centralized monitoring of heterogeneous systems. The open and standardized industrial Ethernet provides a technical means to connect the control systems of different manufacturers. Hesman automation and networking solutions fully meet the connection requirements of the control system and adapt to long-term continuous operation in harsh environments. The distributed self-healing ring structure ensures the reliability of long-distance data communication to the greatest extent. Good real-time, security, scalability, effectively improve the performance of the auxiliary centralized control system

the control system of Jiaxing Power Plant Phase I auxiliary workshop is provided by different manufacturers. This project needs to connect several sets of PLC controllers of different brands and ages with the upper computer monitoring system to realize the centralized monitoring system of auxiliary machines with unified design style and consistent operation interface

project parameters

· a variety of PLCs, including modicon984, Siemens s, SH, O. this is a very environmentally friendly treatment method mron

· including a special control system with 80C196 single chip microcomputer as the nuclear electronic universal experimental machine if oil leakage is found

· the intelligent instrument is RS232 interface

· the man-machine interface includes fix, InTouch, Kingview Including the special interface

· the maximum distance between plants is 1.2km

· the total number of i/o points of the auxiliary system is 5635 points (980 analog points, 4655 digital points)

· plus the coal handling and wastewater system, the number of i/o points is nearly 8000 points

system requirements

· distributed self-healing ring structure. During redundancy switching, the system is undisturbed

· standard industrial network equipment, which is suitable for installation in the control cabinet

· multi-level cascading can meet the real-time

· fault isolation, and a single point of failure will not spread to the entire network


· switched industrial Ethernet, 100Mbps bandwidth

· multimode optical fiber ring connects the auxiliary control system located in each plant

· self-healing time 500ms

· rail clamping installation "the resilience of the material is particularly good, rs2-fx/fx

· anti-interference, dust prevention, and the working temperature range is up to 60 ° C without heat dissipation fan

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