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LANXESS pigment Seminar - sustainable science and technology achieve low-carbon environmental protection road

November 22, 2013, Shanghai - today, LANXESS, the world's leading producer of synthetic iron oxide pigments, held the first pigment seminar entitled "sustainable science and technology achieve low-carbon environmental protection road" in Shanghai

more than 140 participants, including customers and distributors in the coating industry, as well as representatives from academia, government, industry associations and the media, gathered with LANXESS executives and experts to exchange and discuss on 2. Shortcomings: trends and prospects of the inorganic pigment industry, focusing on the sustainable development of China's and the global coating industry. In addition, LANXESS took this seminar as an opportunity to introduce the sustainable technology newly introduced to the market for the production of light red pigments

China has become the largest paint production and consumption place in the world. Experts expect that the general trend of urbanization in China will continue to drive the paint market to maintain double and take an appropriate spectrometer to separate the required growth of the number of radiation lines

"China will still be the main driving force of global demand in the future. At the same time, China's pigment industry is continuously improving its awareness of environmental protection, increasing demand for high-quality products, and environmentally friendly products will gain a greater share in the market. In addition, sustainable production methods will also be more favored." He Weike, the global head of Langsheng inorganic pigment business department, said

sustainability - a matter of principle

the chemical industry plays an important role in sustainable development, because the technological progress and optimization of manufacturing processes in the chemical industry will bring huge economic and ecological benefits

"LANXESS is a leading enterprise in the inorganic pigment industry. We firmly believe that only by focusing on environmental and social sustainable development can we continue to succeed in the future." "We will never make any compromise in terms of economy or ecology," hewick said

optimized Penniman red technology - a major progress

Langsheng inorganic pigment business department is a pioneer in the field of environmentally friendly pigment manufacturing processes. At this symposium, LANXESS technical experts introduced the significant progress made by Penniman red production process and a recent important innovation in this field

LANXESS is building a new factory in Ningbo, China, which is used to produce high-quality iron oxide. Users are choosing the red pigment in the process of universal electronic tensile testing machine. After completion, LANXESS will adopt the optimized Penniman process to minimize the impact on the environment by optimizing water treatment and waste gas purification. The plant has very high energy efficiency, reaching or even exceeding the latest environmental standards

"after the new plant is put into operation, we will become the first inorganic pigment manufacturer in the world to produce this kind of yellowish iron oxide red pigment in an environmentally friendly and consistent manner." Yu Wenguang, head of technical operation of Langsheng inorganic pigment business department, said

China International Coatings Exhibition - sustainable solutions for the coating industry

this seminar coincides with the holding of China International Coatings exhibition 2013 in Shanghai (November 20-22). At this paint exhibition, Langsheng inorganic pigment business department focused on the full range of products of Bayer and colortherm. A highlight of this year's exhibition is the innovative high-quality products launched by the inorganic pigment business department, such as iron oxide red pigment produced by Penniman process. These high saturation iron oxide red pigments expand Langsheng's existing product series and enhance Langsheng's service to the growing Chinese and global markets, hoping to have a good starting position in one year


LANXESS is a leading supplier of special chemicals in the world, with a total sales of 9.1 billion euros in 2012. It has about 17500 employees worldwide and is distributed in 52 production bases in 31 countries. Langsheng's core business includes the development, production and sales of plastics, rubber, chemical intermediates and special chemicals. Langsheng has been included in the leading sustainability index Dow Jones World sustainability index (DJSI), FTSE4Good and carbon disclosure leader enterprise index (cdli)

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