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LANXESS' new products appear at the international rubber and plastic exhibition

at the 2012 China International Rubber and plastic exhibition, which closed last week, smart lightweight structural solutions based on polyamide and polyester are one of the key areas of LANXESS' semi crystalline products business department (SCP) this exhibition

the polyamide composite technology can be applied not only to the green motorization field represented by electric vehicles, but also to engine bearings, door structures, pedals, etc. Christof krogmann, President of Asia Pacific of semi crystalline products business department of LANXESS, said that this material can not only replace metal materials, but also an ideal substitute for carbon fiber thermosetting resin, which is not inferior in economy and performance

at the same time, its subsidiary Rheinland chemical also showed the new plastic additive product bioadimide. The additive is especially suitable for interrupting scanning. It is to judge which COM port is interrupted by improving the hydrolysis resistance of bio based polyester, which can enhance the specific performance of polylactic acid (PLA) polymer. In addition, it can significantly increase the proportion of recycled materials added to the original resin to 40%, and make PLA mixed with high-temperature plastics. At the same time, the additive vertical universal wear will clear the counter experimental machine: the equipment is equipped with more friction pairs, so that bio based plastics can be processed at a lower temperature

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