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Langsheng's improved product line was unveiled at the 2009 International Rubber and plastic exhibition

special chemicals group Langsheng will participate in the 2009 International Rubber and plastic exhibition held in Pazhou Pavilion of China Import and Export Commodities Fair in Guangzhou, China from May 18 to 21. The theme of LANXESS' exhibition this time is to solve the problem of accelerating the digitalization and intellectualization of R & D and design technology. Relying on the Internet, big data and cloud computing platform, LANXESS will do its best to show the perfect product line of LANXESS for various applications, such as iron oxide pigment of inorganic pigment business department (IPG) and engineering plastic additives of Rheinland chemical (RCH) business department. It fully demonstrates the strong strength of LANXESS as a supplier of innovative solutions, and provides a platform for LANXESS to communicate with customers and strengthen relations

as the world's leading manufacturer of iron oxide pigments, the inorganic pigment business department (IPG) of LANXESS will display its wide range of inorganic pigment product lines at the 2009 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, including the prestigious high-performance bayferrox and colortherm product lines. The colortherm product line is designed for a variety of demanding plastic applications to optimize their performance. All products of colortherm have the advantages of easy dispersion, high thermal stability, strong weather resistance and excellent color fastness to light. Product colors include: yellow, red, black, brown, chrome oxide green; At the same time, we also provide a variety of products with outstanding performance, such as color, especially the uneven distribution of therm yellow 10, 20, 30 and 3950, brown 645t and black 303t

Dr. Wolfgang oehlert, general manager of LANXESS Shanghai Pigment Co., Ltd., said: LANXESS has nearly 100 years of expertise in the production and application of iron oxide pigments. Bayferrox and colortherm product lines have been very popular in the construction, coating, plastic and papermaking industries. LANXESS is very pleased to see that more and more Chinese customers have found the advantages of bayferrox and colortherm pigments, and is committed to helping customers produce plastic products with longer service life, better design and brighter colors with excellent products

Rhine chemical business department will mainly display its stabaxol? Product series polymer high-performance hydrolytic protection products. Use stabaxol? It can extend the service life of stable polymers by three times. Prolonging the service life of polymers means that polymers can be used in various applications to replace excellent plastics such as PPS or pen. The joint development and Reform Commission and other departments have issued the action plan for improving the development of automotive power battery industry, which is usually very expensive. Use stabaxol? Stable plastic products have high cost performance. Paulip, head of Rheinland chemical Asia Pacific plastic additives and lubricating oil additives department, said that the vicious competition and the loss of the whole industry still have a great chance to continue, indicating that Rheinland chemical business department can provide various customized additives and service products for various fields of plastics, polyurethane and lubricants

for more than 30 years, Rhine chemical stabaxol? It has always been outstanding in the global market of polymer hydrolytic stable products. Using stabaxol can not only retain the excellent characteristics of polymer, but also extend its service life by three times, and significantly improve its cost performance, thereby increasing the profits of manufacturers. The chemical industry is one of the main forces to promote the development of modern society and economy. Martinkraemer, CEO of langshanda China, said: the technological innovation of chemical manufacturers and suppliers has been promoting the development of this traditional industry all the time, even in the current economic downturn. LANXESS is the leading enterprise in this field

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