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Lanzhou mother river action metu spreads environmental protection and wins a good reputation

Lanzhou mother river action metu spreads environmental protection and wins a good reputation

March 5, 2012

[China paint information] on March 4, more than 20 social welfare organizations in Lanzhou launched the activity of "protecting the environment and loving my mother river" in Lanzhou near water square. As the only sponsor of the "National Youth ecological and environmental protection community small grants project for the protection of mother river" of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, Metz spared no effort to serve the event, worked with volunteers to clean up the white pollution on the South and North banks of the Yellow River in Lanzhou, and sponsored the publicity of the event. 8 the appearance of plated parts should be free of spots

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the launching ceremony of "protect the environment and love my mother river"

at 9:30 a.m., after a short and powerful start, we should adhere to the humanized design principle of people-oriented when selecting materials and designing. After the ceremony, from Lanzhou volunteer Union, Green Camel Bell, dandelion public welfare platform, Lanzhou University of technology More than 20 social public welfare organizations such as Northwest Normal University and Lanzhou business college and nearly 400 soldiers from all levels of Lanzhou society cleaned up white pollution in two ways, and carried out civilized travel and environmental awareness publicity for citizens along the way, calling on the public to join public welfare undertakings

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volunteers use behavioral art to express that the earth bears the harm of disposable chopsticks

help customers design, develop and produce better time testing machine products in a faster and more frugal way

more than 400 famous records in Lanzhou facilitate users to quickly carry out experimental operations and data viewing. Volunteers are divided into two lines after taking a collective oath in the near water square, starting from the near water square, South route: Zhongshan Bridge - north entrance of Yongchang Road - municipal Party committee - citizen square; North route: Baita Mountain --- the second municipal hospital --- music fountain --- Bridge Hotel --- citizen square. We will publicize and protect our mother river through various forms, such as picture exhibitions, love publicity, supporting signatures, garbage recycling and performance art performances

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meitushi distributed environmental protection bags to volunteers to protect the mother river

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the environmental protection publicity display board provided by meitushi attracted the attention of the public

as a funding unit of the "action to protect the mother river" of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, meitushi has paid money and actively participated in the "action to protect the mother river" everywhere since 2010, and has won praise from people from all walks of life. In this event, Lanzhou meitushi organized volunteers to participate in public welfare activities, and provided items such as "protect the mother river" publicity display boards and environmental protection bags for the activities, fulfilled the corporate society of "the first brand of Chinese health paint", and made efforts to create a healthy and safe living space for consumers. At the same time, it called on the public to pay attention to and participate in public welfare undertakings and pass on the concept of green environmental protection, Let the corporate image of "Metz paint", a famous brand of Chinese health paint, penetrate into the hearts of every volunteer and Lanzhou citizens participating in the activities

for more latest developments of "protecting mother river", please pay attention to @ national action to protect mother river () and @ paint ()

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