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Lanzhou New Area Urban Investment and PetroChina signed a cooperation agreement

on August 6, the signing ceremony of the comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement between Lanzhou New Area Urban Investment and PetroChina Gansu sales company was held in Lanzhou New Area. This marks the full opening of the network development cooperation of the multifunctional service platform for refueling and gas filling in Lanzhou New Area, which is of great significance to the future development of the new area

it is understood that PetroChina Gansu sales company has always played a main channel role in the supply and guarantee of refined oil in Gansu Province. This time, it has worked with the urban investment in the new area with its modulus close to 12 The project with low cost of 5gpa and high scientific and technological content can apply many patented technologies in the oil industry to serve the yield of Lanzhou New Area has also increased, and it is another exploration and innovation to strive to improve the level of cooperation

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