The hottest Lanzhou high tech Zone held a seminar

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Lanzhou high tech Zone held a seminar to promote the sustainable development of 3D printing field

on December 8, under the guidance of the Management Committee of Lanzhou high tech Zone, Gansu 3D printing engineering laboratory The Preparatory Committee of Gansu 3D map rapid manufacturing mobilization center is still in the stage of in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. The "seminar on the development and prospects of 3D printing in the new era" hosted by Gansu bolijiang 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd. and the postdoctoral scientific research workstation of the PLA 68029 force was held in the science and technology incubation building of Lanzhou high tech Zone. The meeting was presided over by Major General Wang Mingxiao, director of the Army Information Engineering Science and technology innovation workstation of the Western Theater

at the meeting, sun Guoqin, chairman of Gansu bolijiang 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd., briefly introduced the relevant situation of the new era 3D printing development and Outlook Seminar. Wang Mingxiao made a report on the development and Prospect of 3D printing in the new era from the aspects of the development history and current division of labor, the application and promotion of 3D printing in various fields, the future development prospect and development trend of 3D printing, etc. Ling Wenkai, a doctor from Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, made a report entitled the research and development of additive manufacturing materials and their work progress from the future work fields of these new products, which are bound to lead the industry. At the same time, experts and scholars from related fields, combined with their own work practice, had in-depth exchanges and discussions on how to combine with 3D printing, clarify the actual needs, carry out collaborative innovation research, serve economic construction, military and civilian integration, and the development of innovative enterprises, and provide advice for the development of 3D printing

this seminar has built a platform for communication and cooperation among peers in the field of 3D printing, and provided new ideas for the rapid development of 3D printing, which will effectively promote the sustainable development of 3D printing in our city

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