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How to correctly install the water pump can effectively prevent the vibration isolation phenomenon of the water pump

1. The vibration isolation elements should be symmetrically arranged according to the central axis of the water pump unit. The plane layout of rubber vibration isolation pads can be arranged clockwise or counterclockwise

2. When the vibration isolation elements of the unit adopt six support points, four of them are arranged at the four corners of the inert block or section steel base, and the other two should be set on the long side line, and their positions should be adjusted to make the compression deformation of the vibration isolation elements as consistent as possible

3. When installing rubber vibration isolation pads or damping spring vibration isolators for vibration isolation of horizontal water pump units, generally, the rubber vibration isolation pads and damping spring vibration isolators do not need to be bonded or fixed with the ground, as well as with the inert block or section steel base

4. When the rubber vibration isolator is used for the vibration isolation installation of vertical water pump unit, the section steel base should be set under the base of the water pump unit and the anchoring installation should be adopted; Bolts (with spring washers) shall be used to fix the section steel base and the rubber vibration isolator. Set foundation bolts in the ground or floor, and fix the rubber vibration isolator on the ground or floor after passing through the foundation bolts

5. The sideline of the rubber vibration isolation pad shall not exceed the sideline of the inert block; The bearing area of the profile steel base shall not be less than the bearing area of the top of the vibration isolation element


6. The rubber vibration isolation pad is arranged in a single layer. When the frequency ratio cannot meet the requirements, multi-layer series arrangement can be adopted, but the number of vibration isolation pad layers should not be more than five. The model, number of blocks, area and rubber hardness of each layer of rubber vibration isolation pads set in series should be completely the cause of the difficulty in repairing the compressor failure and the poor quality of compressed air

7. When the rubber vibration isolation pads are set in series, each layer of vibration isolation pads shall be separated by galvanized steel plates with a thickness of not less than 4mm. The steel plates shall be flat, and the vibration isolation pads and steel plates shall be bonded with adhesives. The plane size of galvanized steel plate shall be 10mm larger than each end of rubber vibration isolation pad. The rubber vibration isolation pads bonded on the upper and lower layers of galvanized steel plate shall be staggered

8. Before construction and installation, it should be checked in time. During installation, the static compression deformation of vibration isolation elements should not exceed the maximum allowable value

9. When installing the water pump unit, the supporting ground for installing the water pump unit shall be flat and have sufficient bearing capacity

10. The vibration isolation elements of the unit should avoid contacting with acids, bases, organic solvents and other substances that include graphene and two-dimensional materials. The replacement of fixtures is troublesome

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