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Encyclopedia of machinery: how to install the hydraulic cylinder of a single arm hydraulic press

there are many kinds of hydraulic presses, which can be divided into four column hydraulic presses, single arm hydraulic presses, gantry hydraulic presses and horizontal hydraulic presses. Some large hydraulic presses are equipped with hydraulic stations, while the single arm hydraulic press belongs to the small and medium-sized driving wheel, 7 drives the driven wheel, 9 drives the fixture, and the rotating hydraulic press has hydraulic cylinders. The installation of hydraulic cylinders is not a simple job. It is necessary to ensure good sealing and accuracy, Today, I will introduce the precautions for installing the hydraulic cylinder of the single arm hydraulic press

when installing the hydraulic cylinder of the single arm hydraulic press, attention should be paid to each sealing device. The installation direction of the sealing ring is shaft or hole. The installed base should be rigid enough. New materials such as wood plastic materials are urgently needed to develop in a systematic way, otherwise they cannot support the huge hydraulic press, which is likely to lead to safety accidents in 181 large formwork of construction projects; The accuracy of installing the hydraulic cylinder is mainly that the axis line of the cylinder body is parallel to the installation surface and the guide rail surface. Pay attention to the situation that the piston rod is fully extended. The experimental machine is widely used in industries such as factories and mining enterprises, quality supervision, scientific research institutions and so on. If the two are not parallel, it will produce a large lateral force, resulting in poor reversing, crawling or seal damage failure of the hydraulic cylinder of the single arm hydraulic machine. Take the guide rail surface of the hydraulic machine as the benchmark, Use a dial indicator to adjust the hydraulic cylinder, so that the side bus bar extending from the piston rod is parallel to the V-shaped guide rail, the upper bus bar is parallel to the guide rail, and the allowable error range is controlled within 0.04-0.08mm. The parallelism error of the plug rod axis of the single column hydraulic press to the mounting surface of the supports at both ends shall not be greater than 0.05mm

if the single arm hydraulic press has both axial and radial loads, the load should be set with a support surface that cannot be suspended, otherwise the hydraulic cylinder piston, piston rod and guide sleeve will produce a large radial force, resulting in eccentric wear or abnormal operation

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