How to install the faucet skillfully

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How to skillfully install the faucet

is of great importance to sanitary hardware. In the bathroom, we should pay attention to the inspection of sanitary ware

to judge the decoration with level-by-level knowledge is to "see the grade of bathroom and kitchen, especially those seemingly vague hardware." Now, this method has been widely used in home decoration. More and more owners will focus on bathroom and kitchen decoration. People pay more attention to the brand of sanitary ware, and the complete hardware faucet is more demanding. In addition to taking you to buy, you need to choose a brand, quality and good style. You are a leader, but you also need to pay attention to distinguishing the authenticity of famous brand products. Now, the leading foreign brands in the market are mixed, and your best manufacturers buy directly from stores. If you accidentally buy counterfeit goods or smuggled goods, use is a problem, of course, inevitable. Therefore, in addition to choosing some product styles and brand leaders, you must pay more attention to the details that do not keep pace with other countries. The sterilization effect of copper itself is generally made up of all leading high-quality copper. Now you should pay attention to the cost of zinc alloy or plastic to replace some unknown products. In addition, even if what you buy is really famous, before these high-end mixing faucets are used in the installation process, you should also understand the knowledge and performance, and use them correctly, so as to prevent the inconvenience caused by improper use from greatly reducing your high-end faucets

generally, when the single handle mixing faucet comes from the water flow area of the factory, the package inspection certificate should be opened first, and there is no product, etc., so as to avoid using three installation drawings and installation instructions. Don't be careful if imported goods should be made of wood plastic composites for landscape construction. Other parts that should be checked have been completed. General accessories should be installed: 1. Fix and fix copper bolts and washers. 2 water heaters of the whole basin are immersed in three or two sets of complete water. Then remove the unity of the lever handling of the opening and closing ceremonies up and down and around the faucet, and the soft and comfortable feeling of light and a small piece are appropriate. The other is to check the plated surface, which is light and free of bubbles, spots and scratches

if you are in a new house, the use of water supply taps is the result of a new store, and it is bound to remove the water installed before the drainage installation until the three indexes such as the theme of China Securities new materials are released next month for a long time

the device will be installed directly in charge of two leading cold and hot angle valves or two cold and hot 4 connectors inserted at one or two pipe ends and the other end. The water in the basin is installed at the bottom of the basin, connected to the water, and connected to the "S-end" or "P" elbow

do not use excessive force when opening for man-made damage. Generally, wipe the surface clean after use. Use the tap filter screw wrench that is closed within the cut-off time after cold water to carefully clean up the impurities, and then install it carefully. Now, product quality assurance promises many leading companies to a certain extent. You have to ask what is the best, and these guarantee conditions make more choices when buying

I believe that as long as you carefully choose, correctly install, use and maintain your faucet and other hardware, your home will become the real trouble in the lead, "no return first."

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