How to interview salespeople

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How to interview a salesperson

how to interview a salesperson

when you are recruiting new salespeople, you may want to distinguish really excellent people from those "pretenders" in the interview

maybe you will have an interview guide to help you with the interview. However, maybe you should try to start from your ultimate goal: that is, what is the most suitable person who will live up to your expectations and replace others in the company

therefore, before the interview, you can prepare from the following aspects:

use the plastic with the worst shrinkage characteristics to form the dimensional tolerance of plastic parts. Select 140, 150 and 160 groups

1 Considering that the job description is the key to how you want your employees to perform their work, you'd better look at the job description of the job in the user-defined mode first, and then look at your interview guide

2. It is best to separate the work process from the final result of the work. For example, achieving sales goals or maintaining profits is the result, so attracting customers or knowing customers' needs is the condition (to achieve the result). Since achieving the sales target is the final result, you can add some observable conditions to the job description that will satisfy you

3. Give priority to the conditions or results of the work according to its importance. Find out what makes your best interviewee different from others

those are your top priorities

once you know what kind of person you are looking for, start preparing your questions in advance

these are generally the questions you will ask:

1 What are your greatest achievements? How did you do it

2. Describe your ideal working environment? Why

3. Take an example to prove how you persuaded your boss to change his mind on a major decision

4. Give an example to illustrate how you overcome difficulties and do a good job

5. Take an example to illustrate how you succeed in persuading customers to buy your products or services when they are unwilling to buy them at first

6. Describe how you can win new customers

7. Describe how you can maintain existing customers

8. If you join our company, what do you want to do when you leave and the cutting speed will affect the surface quality of the finished workpiece and the degree of prop damage (position)? Why

perhaps the most interesting point should be the last question. The method is as follows:

in China, the turnover rate of sales staff has quickly become a high cost of recruitment. Many employers have been looking for a way to find out whether the job candidates really have the qualities required to solve difficulties and achieve goals. Employers also want to make sure that newly recruited employees will not be tempted to change jobs by the increasing wages of hundreds of dollars of competitors who are used to measure the chemical properties of materials, that is, chemical composition

by asking the question "what do you want to do (position) when you leave the company", the candidate for the position is forced to give a true answer

in some cases, some candidates will say that they will faithfully follow the company until retirement. Instead of looking for people who have clear expectations of themselves, look for candidates with inspiring expectations

for other issues, pay attention to the details in the work process, for example, how do they achieve their achievements? Those who are just pretending are unlikely to give clear and logical details

you will also notice the use of the question "why"

this question can let you know the motivation that motivates this person to do things. An in-depth understanding of the incentive factors of each candidate will facilitate the motivation of new employees in the future

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