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How to install, use and maintain the magnetic flap level gauge

1. Magnetic substances are not allowed to approach around the body of the magnetic flap level gauge, and iron wire fixation is forbidden, otherwise the normal operation of the magnetic flap level gauge will be affected

2. If users use heat tracing pipes by themselves, they must choose non-magnetic materials, such as copper tubes. The heat tracing temperature is determined according to the medium

3. The magnetic flap level gauge must be installed vertically, and a ball valve should be installed between the magnetic flap level gauge and the vessel lead pipe after precise measurement, so as to facilitate maintenance and cleaning

4. The medium should not contain solid impurities or magnetic substances to avoid jamming the float

5. Before use, the small ball below zero should be set to red with a correction magnet, and the other balls should be set to white

6. Open the bottom flange and install the magnetic float (Note: the magnetic end of the heavy end is upward and cannot be inverted.)

7. During commissioning, open the upper lead pipe valve first, and then slowly open the lower valve, so that the medium can enter the main pipe smoothly (during operation, avoid the rapid impact of the medium on the float, causing the float to fluctuate violently, affecting the accuracy of the display), observe whether the magnetic red and white ball turnover is normal, then close the lower lead pipe valve, open the blowdown valve, and let the liquid level in the main pipe drop. Operate three times according to this method, which is really normal, It can be put into operation (except for corrosive and other special liquids)

8. The main pipe should be cleaned irregularly to remove impurities according to the medium condition

9. For the liquid level gauge with a certain length (ordinary type> 3M, anti-corrosion type> 2m), it is necessary to add a middle reinforced flange or ear pan as a fixed support to increase the strength and overcome its own weight

10. The installation position of the magnetic flap level gauge should avoid or be far away from the "weight reduction" effect of non-metallic materials such as engineering plastics, which is obviously away from the inlet and outlet of the material medium, so as to avoid the rapid change of the local area of the material fluid, which affects the accuracy of the liquid level measurement in the current global pattern of the plastic machine

11. When equipped with remote transmission supporting instruments, the following should be done:

a) the remote transmission supporting instruments should be close to the main pipe of the liquid level gauge and fixed with stainless steel hoops (iron is forbidden and the operation is complex)

b) the sensing surface of the remote transmission supporting instrument should face and be close to the main pipe

c) the zero position of the remote supporting instrument should be at the same level as the zero position indication of the liquid level gauge

d) the wiring between the remote transmission supporting instrument and the display instrument or industrial control computer should be laid separately through the protective tube or with shielded two core cable

e) after the wiring hole of the junction box is laid, it is required to be well sealed to prevent the remote transmission supporting instruments from working normally due to the intrusion of rain, moisture, etc. the junction box should be covered in time after maintenance or commissioning

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