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See how the all print exhibition interprets innovation and value-added

(June 14, Shanghai) is jointly sponsored by China Association of printing technology, China Institute of Printing Science and technology, Dusseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd., science and printing media (printing technology magazine) All in print China 2006, jointly hosted by Duesseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd. and China Printing Technology Association, was grandly opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center today. This all India exhibition has made breakthroughs in terms of exhibition scale and the number of exhibitors: 671 domestic and foreign exhibitors from 26 countries and regions, a large area of 69000 square meters, more than 20 domestic and foreign exhibitors and visiting groups, and more than 40 summit forums and new product launch activities opened at the same time. The internationalization of exhibitors and exhibition area is as high as 40%. Beiren, Shanghai Electric Printing and chartering machine group and Lianqiang group participated in the exhibition in a large area respectively; Beiren's commercial rotary printing machine was unveiled at the International Printing Exhibition for the first time; The companies under Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging machinery group jointly participated in the exhibition with the overall image of the group for the first time; A series of offset printing machines assembled by Akiyama and Guanghua appeared on the stage; Komori and the world simultaneously launched a new four opening format printing machine - Komori super liselon ls26/29 series printing machine to the Chinese market; Mitsubishi will demonstrate a new multi-color offset press with high quality, high precision, high productivity, and digital workflow and special inks

innovative value-added printing solutions are the core concept of this all print exhibition. This idea is inspired by the Organizing Committee of all print exhibition when it attended the 8th world printing conference in South Africa in early 2005. This China International all print exhibition will comprehensively display and interpret the new trends in the development of contemporary printing technology; Fully reflect the new achievements of transforming traditional printing with digital technology and the integration and evolution of the two; It comprehensively reflects the digital process based on digital and network technology, and is the best solution to promote the application, innovation and value-added in the fields of publication printing, packaging printing, commercial printing and personalized printing. The development trend of the global printing industry is to provide an innovative, all-round and whole process personalized service and solution, which will become the development trend of today's printing industry, the new growth point of the industry and the source of profits. All printing exhibition is to bring the concept of full innovation and value-added solutions to China's printing industry

the division of exhibition areas according to product functions is a major feature of this all print exhibition. W1 international prepress technology and equipment hall, W2 international printing equipment and equipment hall, W3 international printing and post press processing equipment and consumables hall, W4 domestic printing and post press equipment and printing auxiliary equipment hall, W5 domestic plate making, printing and packaging equipment and post press equipment hall, E1 domestic printing and post press equipment and printing materials hall. Exhibitors of the same type will display in a centralized manner to facilitate the visitors' visit and selection in the industry, and make purchase decisions quickly and accurately

the four zones have their own characteristics and bright stars: the most notable is the "DM corner" specially opened in the W1 prepress hall, which has attracted the active participation of famous enterprises such as Fuji Xerox, HP, Kodak, Konica Minolta, etc. Agfa, big Japan screen, wilt image technology, Sichuan moment light and other manufacturers have a special preference for the "CTP zone" located in hall W1; The "flexographic printing zone" located in hall W2 has attracted well-known manufacturers such as omite, leopard Chi and United States. With the entry of global brand enterprises, the purchase of labels for cosmetics, food, drugs, health products and other products has increased significantly, and the domestic label market has developed rapidly at a growth rate of more than 20% every year. The label area of hall W2 will show you the achievements of the domestic label market in recent years, as well as the hot technologies such as servo technology, combined printing, RFID technology and so on. The "ink zone" of hall E1 gathered many well-known ink manufacturers in the industry: Caijing, Edison (DIC), deai, HANGHUA, peony, YAYING, Toyo, Toyo, tiannv chemical, ye, New Oriental, yongzai and Zhongyi, all of which participated in the all print exhibition in a record large area. The introduction of ink manufacturers will add a lot of color to the all printing exhibition. Huiyang Hengchang, another well-known domestic ink manufacturer, will appear in hall W5 with an area of 85 square meters. Compared with fully automatic and more intuitive

high level meetings, seminars and technical exchanges are another prominent feature of this all India exhibition. On the eve of the opening of the all print exhibition, that is, on June 13, 2006, a summit forum of the global printing industry - "the Global Summit Forum 2006" was grandly staged in Shanghai, China. With the theme of "printing - the world connects China", this forum focuses on the development pattern, latest trends and latest technologies of the world's printing industry; The Chinese market is the focus of this summit dialogue. Yu Yongzhan, deputy director of the General Administration of publications, delivered an important speech, including well-known experts, enterprise executives and scholars from South Africa, Japan, the United States, Germany and other global printing industries, such as Chris Sykes, chairman of the world printing conference and communication forum/Federation of South African printing industries, Michael makin, President and CEO of the American Printing Industry Association and the American Printing Technology Foundation (pia/gatf), bent Mortensen, President of the Asia Pacific region of Heidelberg Marc, chairman of Greater China of Manroland, O Faulhaber, special director of Japan printing technology association, yoshiichi Yamauchi, and Charlie pesko, managing director of info trends, a famous digital printing market and development strategy consulting company in the United States, brought wonderful speeches in the general experiment; Government executives and well-known industry experts in China's printing industry discussed how to integrate China's printing industry with the world's printing industry and how to develop China into a world printing base; The business opportunities and crises of the development of the global printing industry, the international operation of the printing industry, the opportunities and risks of new printing business and new technology investment, and the integration of overseas printing business into China have created the most valuable information platform for more than 300 participants from China, Germany, the United States, India, Canada, Japan, Italy, South Africa, Singapore, Australia and other countries. The printing industry exchange association between the mainland of China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan also opened on the afternoon of the 13th. At the exhibition site, well-known enterprises will successively organize their own new product launches and the current distance between the marking is also different media meeting activities, including beiren, Mitsubishi, Agfa, DuPont, Fuji Xerox, Fuji Xingguang, Kodak, Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging machinery group, Komori and other well-known brands. In addition, a series of wonderful supporting activities will be held during the All India exhibition, which will boost the popularity of the exhibition

we have reason to believe that the 2006 China International all print exhibition with the purpose of "full innovative value-added printing solutions" will bring you more surprises and highlights

source: All India Exhibition Organizing Committee

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