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Three development trends of Baijiu packaging

at present, liquor enterprises blindly pursue the high-grade packaging, which has gone astray. There are few personalized packaging. Breakthrough in packaging design elements is the symptom. Only product quality and packaging match can materials change. An important aspect that cannot be neglected in the process of purchasing and putting into use is that the protection and maintenance of the machine is the root cause

with the development of Baijiu industry, the packaging design of Baijiu has developed from pure and simple product design to brand information design with three coordinates of market, enterprise and marketing. Today, with the homogenization of Baijiu, the packaging of Baijiu has become one of the important means to highlight personality. Then, this is bound to require the use of various elements of Baijiu packaging design to get rid of the old and bring forth the new

color - multi color and multi-purpose

color is the strongest element in packaging, which conveys packaging emotion. The traditional packaging of Baijiu is mainly red, yellow and gold, which is difficult to form a visual impact. 4 Tls-s (100 ⑵ 000) II double digital display spring tension and compression testing machine simply can't leave a deep mark in the hearts of consumers

among many Baijiu packaging, Baijiu brands such as "Yanghe" and "huozhiniang" stand out in the competition with their unique packaging colors. The blue classic of Yanghe is mainly blue. This package fully reflects the cultural appeal of "Yanghe" wine returning to the sea, and perfectly combines with the brand of "Yanghe blue classic". Like Yanghe, what is similar is "huozhiniang". The soft green background of the package is equipped with a flowing word "Huo", which accurately reproduces the core of the green culture of "huozhiniang", forming a strong external characteristics of the product, which echoes the internal core of the "huozhiniang" brand

personalized color positioning is becoming an innovation point we all choose. It breaks through the packaging of Baijiu with the visual impact of color. It has passionate red, mature dark brown, beige, white, black and so on

wine vessels -- ancient times serve the present

wine vessels have a long history almost as long as wine. In ancient China, wine vessels are dazzling, diverse, and the shapes of wine vessels are diverse and varied

bronze ware has become an important part of Chinese culture with its exquisite workmanship, variety, lively and lifelike shape, and is a symbol of dignity and majesty

Maotai, a national liquor, skillfully used the dignity, dignity and noble artistic characteristics of bronze products to launch high-end Baijiu packaged with bronze products, which caused a sensation in the society. This package fully reflects the profound cultural heritage of Maotai, and perfectly interprets the unrepeatable characteristics of Maotai as a national liquor. The combination of bronze culture and national wine culture is the marriage of two cultures with different backgrounds and the high refinement of Chinese culture, which not only carries forward the bronze culture, but also improves the national wine culture. The designer's superb artistic attainments and rich artistic imagination have not only attracted the attention of consumers, but also pushed the supremacy of Maotai national liquor to the extreme

among many wine vessels, in addition to bronze vessels, there are also pottery, lacquerware, jade, porcelain and crystal products, etc. the wine packaging used for the past and the present is also an innovation, which is a choice to broaden the design ideas of Baijiu packaging

bottle type - making foreign things serve China

the existing white wine bottle types are really numerous and varied. Leaving aside the traditional bottle types for the time being, the phase 1 project is nearing completion. We have found several representative bottle types, such as the purple sand human bottle - the waiter, who is smiling and naive, giving people a sense of honesty, honesty and authenticity, and most intuitively reflecting the cultural positioning and market positioning of the "waiter"; The crystal bottle type Wuliangye panda wine combines the crystal clarity, the nobility of Wuliangye and the rarity of pandas, which is really the so-called "rarity is the most precious thing". However, in order to achieve a high degree of unity between bottle type and culture, product core and personality, it is far from enough to base on "China", but we should have a broader and further vision

the bottle type of foreign wine has been widely recognized by people. The foreign perfume bottle type, which has always been concerned by the packaging industry and fashion industry, is amazing for its innovation, rapid change, novelty and classic. Can we borrow foreign cross industry packaging bottles? Learn from some characteristics of foreign perfume bottle types, and launch several new packages. Only by exploring the different innovative ways that the company will build a new LEGO sustainable development material center in its headquarters, can the packaging designer find a way out

in fact, matching products with packaging is the key. Only by truly positioning the product and packaging, and stepping out of the irrational circle of the mismatch between liquor quality and packaging, will the living space of Baijiu brands be broader. The success of Shuijingfang is inseparable from its reasonable product and packaging positioning. Superior liquor quality, exquisite packaging, exquisite packaging materials, combined with the cultural excavation of "the best distillery in the world", every nuance shows the style of high-end Baijiu, which makes consumers really feel that it is worth the money, and it reflects the perfect combination and high unity of material consumption and spiritual consumption

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