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Distribution and source of waste plastics

as long as there are people, there will be plastic waste. All kinds of plastic packaging, shopping bags, agricultural films remind you here that there is no need to re mediate the weaving of zero position bags, beverage bottles, plastic pots, plastic pots, plastic buckets, toys, stationery, plastic shoes, vehicle bumpers, home appliance shells, computer shells, waste polychlorinated pipes, industrial waste plastic products, plastic doors and windows Polyester products (polyester film, mineral water bottles, coke bottles, etc.) and waste materials from plastic molding and processing can be seen everywhere, endless and inexhaustible

since the 1950s, China has begun to establish a unique waste material recycling system. At present, there are more than 5000 waste material recycling enterprises and 160000 recycling points across the country, covering almost every township, town and large, medium and small cities. There are a large number of various types of waste plastics with complete categories, which are suitable for batch purchase. Correspondingly, there is a very spectacular army of waste and used materials purchasing active in all parts of China. The fixed-point purchase of waste and used plastics in their hands can correspondingly reduce the purchase cost of raw materials. It is reported that about 9% of the 1.32 million tons of garbage produced in Changchun every year is waste plastics. With this alone, Changchun is buried with a wealth worth more than 10 million yuan every year

the leftovers produced in the production and processing process of plastic products factories do not need to be classified and cleaned. They are good raw materials for processing recycled particles. Establish business contacts with the plastic factory, process the purchased leftovers into particles and resell them to the plastic factory, or charge a certain processing fee. In this way, it not only solves the problem of recycling for the plastic factory, but also is an effective way for us to generate income. It is a win-win solution. 2 If there is an electronic extensometer, whether there is a slip case in the sample during the experimental process

mulching film, which is widely used in rural areas in Northeast, northwest and North China, is a disposable agricultural material with a huge quantity and low price. The vast number of rural personnel is sufficient. If the organization personnel collect or purchase locally, the problem of soil pollution caused by agricultural film can be solved in time, and the intermediate links can be eliminated. While ensuring the source of raw materials, the cost of raw materials can be greatly reduced and profits can be increased

to sum up, low prices and easily available waste plastics provide us with unique conditions to establish waste plastic recycling particle factory. Realizing the local acquisition, processing and sales of waste plastics has favorable timing and location, significant advantages and rich profits

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