Distinction between the hottest vibration bearing

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Distinction between vibration bearing and ordinary bearing

a. the inner and outer rings adopt shell horse mixed quenching or martensite quenching + high temperature tempering, with uniform hardness and small internal stress; Good toughness, impact and vibration resistance

b. good stability when working within 150C

ordinary bearing ordinary bearing:

the inner and outer rings adopt ordinary quenching method, which has poor toughness, poor impact and vibration resistance, and poor thermal stability

4. Tolerance and manufacturing process

special bearing for vibration:

A. It is manufactured in strict accordance with the P6 accuracy standard, especially the inner and outer diameter tolerance is very small

b. the size difference of rolling elements is 0.002

c. the outer diameter of cylindrical rollers has convexity practice to avoid stress concentration

d. ultra precision treatment of rolling surface with high finish

ordinary bearings:

a. ordinary Po accuracy tolerance (some P6 standards) manufacturing

b. rolling element grouping 0.005. Set up the East China Sea joint operations command center

c. cylindrical roller non convex practice

d. some raceways are only polished, with low finish

5. Internal clearance

special bearing for vibration:

clearance is produced according to the requirements of vibration machinery, the range is controlled within a very small range, and precision casting product samples are provided for it, with good consistency

ordinary bearings:

the clearance is generally produced according to the standard group or C3 group, with small clearance, large range and large discreteness

6. Use effect

special bearing for vibration:

low noise, small temperature rise, good stability, long service life, no early fatigue

ordinary bearing:

noise JTG E50 ⑵ 006 "test code for geosynthetics in Highway Engineering" is large, the temperature rises, the stability is poor, the service life is short, and there is early fatigue

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