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Distribution and Prospect of domestic water-based ink procurement regions

according to relevant data statistics, the main procurement capacity of water-based ink is concentrated in South China and East China. From 2001 to 2004, the cumulative procurement proportion of water-based ink in South China was 41%, that in East China was 35%, that in North China was 14%, and that in other regions was 10%. It is estimated that in 2006, South China will increase to 50%, other regions to 13%, and East China and North China will also increase significantly. Moreover, from 2001 to 2004, water-based inks were mainly domestic, mainly because the domestic water-based inks were finally turned off, and the power supply quality of industrial control boxes has basically passed the standard, which can meet the requirements of carton printing and has an absolute advantage in price. Therefore, most enterprises chose domestic inks. It is expected that by 2006, the origin of water-based inks will still be domestic, except for South China, which is mainly imported products, accounting for 55%

domestic ink manufacturers account for 80% of the market share of corrugated boxes, and well-known manufacturers with a certain scale in China include: Guangdong Zhaoqing Tianlong ink, Oriental ink, Shanghai Shiao, Shanxi essence industry and trade, etc; Joint venture and foreign-funded ink manufacturers: Tianjin Toyo ink, Flint ink and Pacific ink are excellent ink products and output manufacturers in the corrugated box industry. In addition, with the continuous development of flexible printing due to the simple operation, many small-scale ink factories have been established one after another, which has a certain impact on the competition in the ink market. However, users' choice will generally be measured by the manufacturer's technical strength, product quality and reputation

in flexographic packaging and printing, at present, most of them at home and abroad are printed with water-based ink. The wide application of flexographic water-based ink is one of the important factors for the rapid development of flexographic printing. According to the statistics of relevant departments, on average, we have audited 80% of our products every year. There are more than 1000 large and small carton factories in the province. Based on 10% of the high-end Cartons printed with water-based ink and 10 tons of ink per household, each province needs about 1000 tons of water-based ink per year, which does not include other printing and packaging products of flexible printing and gravure printing. Therefore, water-based ink has a broad market

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