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Idc:2019 global 3D printing expenditure reaches US $13.8 billion

recently, IDC released a new forecast that the global 3D printing expenditure will reach US $13.8 billion this year. This consumption factor involves the hardware, materials, software and services required for 3D printing. The new digital ratio so that the mechanical properties of materials can be tested more accurately increased by 21.2% in 2018. IDC expects this figure to grow to $22.7 billion by 2022. According to IDC, the largest market for 3D printing will be independent manufacturing (53.8%), healthcare providers (13.1%), education (8.6%), professional services (6.5%), consumers (4.7%) and others (13.3%)

it is also expected that the United States will spend nearly 5billion dollars, Western Europe is expected to spend 3.6 billion dollars, and China is expected to spend nearly 2billion dollars

marianned'aquila, IDC customer insight and analysis research manager, said: "It is being used for analysis and measurement. As expected, we are widely using 3D printing use cases around the world. 3D printing has gone beyond early manufacturing prototypes, and is being extended to other use cases and industries. Customized, cost-effective benefits are being realized in more diversified ways, such as after-sales parts in manufacturing, surgical models for medical care and architectural design for professional services, etc. in hand with the world's first-class aviation enterprises. ”

idc said that printers and materials will account for two-thirds of global expenditure, reaching US $5.3 billion and US $4.2 billion respectively in 2019. Services such as on-demand parts services and system integration services will reach US $3.8 billion this year

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