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Ink pump flow control (I)

pneumatic ink pump generally uses the air valve adjustment knob to control the flow. However, the ink absorption capacity of this pump is very large. Even if the knob is slightly adjusted, the ink pump still works excessively and the flow is too sufficient. Try to reduce the knob adjustment amount. The ink supply sometimes stops automatically during production. If it is not found in time, it will cause color difference and even waste products. The knob adjustment is a little large, so that the ink flow will not be too large and the ink will splash in the ink tank. Especially in the thin ink or high temperature season, the flow of oil and ink will be enhanced, which is more likely to splash, contaminate the body, roller and check whether the operation of each part of the machine is normal substrate, affecting the quality of the printed products, And limit the increase of printing speed. Once the ink is dry and fixed on the upper part of the ink tank water level, it is difficult to clean and change color

in view of the control failure of the fine-tuning knob of the pneumatic ink pump, we have made a self-made flow control device similar to the medical infusion set, which is stuck on the ink suction soft to control the flow. The practical application shows that the device is easy to use and the ink quantity can be controlled freely, which solves the problems of stopping the ink supply or excessive flow of the pneumatic ink pump

an example of borrowing the mouth of a printing plate

when printing some products that need to borrow the mouth, if the printing plate cannot be pulled down unless the only two symmetry axes of the battery fail, it needs to be supplied to the printing plate cylinder to meet the overprint requirements. The operation of borrowing cylinder is not complicated. As long as the direction is identified according to the scale of the transmission gear of the printing plate cylinder, and there is no scale, it is inconvenient to borrow the cylinder. It often takes several hours to borrow four groups of cylinders and find rules. When changing to print other products, you have to borrow the roller. The actual operation is time-consuming and laborious

in this case, it can be adjusted according to the paper size and image size. Use the mouth of the printing plate to solve the problem. Before installing the PS version, cut the PS version by about 5mm from its mouth. Only a small amount of plate drawing is required. The two ends of the spline are clamped with clamps to find a good rule. There is no need to borrow the roller, which reduces the auxiliary working hours and improves the production efficiency. This method is also applicable to other types of offset press

in addition, this problem can also be solved in the assembly or printing process. When printing, reduce the distance between its jaws by about 5mm. Before printing, there is no need to cut and install the plate directly, and there is no need to borrow the plate cylinder

method for determining the amount of cylinder lining

the so-called determination of cylinder lining is to coat a certain thickness of liner material on the printing plate cylinder and rubber cylinder shell as required, which is used to adjust the cylinder clearance and printing pressure, so as to make the cylinder gear mesh at the tangent position of the pitch circle, so as to meet the requirements of offset printing process

correcting the cylinder pressure of offset press is one of the key technologies of offset press operation. Is a prerequisite for the normal operation of offset press. It is adjusted within a reasonable range according to the cutting amount, printing technical conditions, product quality requirements and some technical parameters. However, some offset printing machines do not have technical data. At this time, it is particularly important to correctly adjust and correct the cylinder pressure. Here, I would like to talk about my experience and communicate with colleagues. The specific operation methods are as follows

1. check whether the offset press cylinder is equipped with roller pillow or not. For the offset press with roller pillow, the contact condition can be checked by light method or ink application method under pressure. For offset press without roller pillow, the roller gear shall be meshed at the tangent position of pitch circle, and the clearance between roller pillows on both sides after pressing shall be measured by pressing lead wire. Note that the clearance error of rolling sleepers on both sides shall not exceed 0.02mm, and the lead wire shall not be too thick. The clearance error of rolling sleepers of beiren j2108a is 0.20mm

2. measure the clearance between the plate cylinder and the rubber cylinder, and between the rubber pump cylinder and the impression cylinder after pressing with lead wire. (to be continued)

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